Dr. Patrick Hunt was a featured scholar in the National Geographic Series, The Greeks, broadcast in May 2016 and rebroadcast in Dec.

Patrick is an invited VIP Explorer speaker for National Geographic Learning, New Orleans NCSS November 2015.


Dr. Patrick Hunt, Keynote Speaker

April 18th, 2014, Denver, CO

Featured scholar of National Geographic Explorer TV program
“Death of the Ice Man” & National Geographic / PBS / NOVA
"Ice Man Murder Mystery"

otziFrozen in Time - The Story of Otzi the Iceman
Dr. Patrick Hunt
- Distinguished Lecture Series, May 14th, 2013 Co-sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, Houston. He also spoke on Otzi for a week in Houston, including at the Houston Health Museum, among other places, on the latest forensic discoveries reconstructing this 5,300 year old preserved case found in the Tyrolean Alps at 10,500 feet elevation in 1991.
Patrick spoke on CSI Forensic Research on Otzi.


New Global Documentary Series Fall 2012
Patrick Hunt is a featured scholar on multiple episodes for archaeology and history.

Nutopia Productions is an Emmy Award Winning Company


Dr. Patrick Hunt gave a public lecture in Vaduz at the Liechtenstein National Landesmuseum on "Hannibal in the Alps". Prof. Dr. Rainer Volkommer, Museum Director, was Master of Ceremonies and also participated and translated for the evening event, which was also published Aug. 10 in the national newspaper, Liechtenstein Volksblatt, and the event included a televised pre-lecture interview on Liechtenstein national television. The lecture also previewed the Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project 2012 season just commencing in the Alps.

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April 1-2 2011

  Patrick presented a paper at U.C.Berkeley's 33rd Annual Celtic Conference on:

"Celtic Iron Age Sword Deposits and Arthur's Lady of the Lake"

Read the Program:
(2MB pdf)
The Thirty-Third Annual - University of California Celtic Conference


Patrick as invited speaker at 2010 AIA Soirée at the Fairmont Hotel
Patrick was the invited speaker for AIA's first National Soiree in San Francisco on October 15th at the Fairmont Hotel. "The pinnacle of classic luxury, this historic hotel set the scene for what was (read more)


  "Tracking Hannibal Through the Alps and Beyond 1994-2012"

Read the Archaeolog:
"Hannibal in the Alps: Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project 1994-2009"

Since 1994, the Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project has explored, excavated and conducted first-hand archaeological research in the Alps. In addition to ongoing excavation in the Grand-St-Bernard pass between Switzerland and Italy, at least every other year we have tracked Hannibal’s passage through the Alps in 218 BCE with his army of men and elephants to the astonishment of the Romans. This summer we will again track Hannibal’s historic route through the Alps using the accounts of Polybius and Livy as our source texts. We will attempt to match relict topography – assuming some erosional changes – with both past eyewitness and reconstructed narratives. This continuing exploration is done mostly on foot hiking over several Alpine passes, some of which reach almost 10,000 ft. in elevation. Our scientific surveys will also look for human modifications such as an army might have made in these several passes and which may still survive in some form. To date we have hiked over 25+ passes and mostly eliminated candidates for Hannibal’s crossing while cementing the probability of a few passes for Hannibal’s feat. We will also conduct lichenometric chronology and archaeostronomy research on prehistoric megalith monuments in the Alps. The project team is always rigorously selected from among Stanford undergraduates and graduates.

Dr. Patrick Hunt, Director

Learn More. Read the Archaeolog:
"Hannibal in the Alps: Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project 1994-2009"

Featured Broadcast Eventiceman

National Geographic TV : Death of the Iceman
Premiered on April 1st, 2008
Rebroadcasted on April 2nd & 5th at 7pm; April 8th at 6pm

Patrick was a featured scholar on the National Geographic Explorer TV program " Death of the Ice Man".

Entombed for more than 5,000 years, the Iceman is the oldest mummy ever discovered. Scientists now know he was murdered in cold blood, but why? Explorer goes inside a series of new CT scans to uncover the mystery.

  Patrick's Hannibal work is also briefly featured in National Geographic Magazine: May 2008 (German issue)
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  Patrick was invited back to speak and present at the Sun Valley Writers Conference: 'Frontiers in a Changing World'.

August 22-25, 2008
Sun Valley, Idaho.

kgo   Patrick has been a regular featured guest on KGO Radio 810 AM, appearing for an hour each time on Brent Walters' Talk Show "God Talk", for example, in several consecutive weeks in May 2008, speaking on the Roman Emperor Nero and related material. Most recently he returned in February 2010 on the program to highlight the Qumran Library (Dead Sea Scrolls) and the Assyrian Library at Nineveh. He often dscusses new archaeological finds or how to debunk the claims of the latest pseudo-archaeology.

  Patrick has been featured on both the Carthage and Ancient Persia
episodes of the History Channel's ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE series, now
rebroadcasted regularly in 2008.

Engineering and Empire Episode Guide

Engineering an Empire: Carthage
Aired on November 6 at 9:00 PM
now rebroadcasted regularly in 2008

"Carthage, a remarkable city-state that dominated the Mediterranean for over 600 years, harnessed their extensive resources to develop some of the ancient world's most groundbreaking technology. For generations, Carthage defined power, strength and ingenuity, but by the third century B.C., the empire's existence was threatened by another emerging superpower, Rome. However, when the Romans engineered their empire, they were only following the lead of the Carthaginians. From the city's grand harbor to the rise of one of history's greatest generals, Hannibal Barca, we will examine the architecture and infrastructure that enabled the rise and fall of the Carthaginian Empire." (Episode Description as found on the History Channel)

Engineering an Empire: Ancient Persia
Aired on December 4 at 9:00 pm

"In addition to stupendous stone palaces at Persepolis on manmade terraces, as well as at Susa and Pasargadae (with beautiful irrigated gardens and groves), among many other marvels, Ancient Persia's great engineering achievements include aqueducts and canals in Persia as well as Egypt, bridges connecting Asia to Europe, underground conduits and a vast road system that later influenced the Romans. Cyrus and Darius I were both among the few wise rulers who deserved the epithet 'the Great' and their empires were among the largest the world has ever seen with superb administration."

"Gallo-Roman Hybrid Material Culture In The Alps"

  "Cultures of Contact Conference"

(paper presentation)

Stanford Archaeology Center
February 17-19, 2006

Archaeology and history show the Alps were a natural frontier for both Romans and Celtic tribes, a cultural nexus where near-constant contact from around the 2nd c. BCE onward resulted in transition and hybridity, as surviving material culture shows. The evidence for this Gallo-Roman cultural hybridity can be easily demonstrated in Celtic coinage, for example, by Sequani and other tribes, where a brief numismatic tradition copies Greek and Roman types, in architecture and in ceramic artifacts where local terra sigillata and Vindonissa ware, for example, adopt and adapt Roman models, as well as in tabulae ansatae votive material in bronze, silver and gold plaques.

"Francesco Del Monte (1549-1626): Collector, Connoisseur, Art Patron and Protector"

March 23-25, 2006

  Francesco Maria Bourbon Del Monte (1549-1626) was notable as an “art lover” (Baglione) and one of the most sophisticated prelates in Rome, becoming cardinal in 1588. Titian was Del Monte’s godfather at his christening. Del Monte was raised and educated

in Pesaro - alongside Torquato Tasso - and Urbino. Noted antiquarian humanist, musician, art collector and connoisseur savant, he was also a diplomat and intellectual, acquainted with Galileo and many scientists through his mathematician brother, the Marchese Guidobaldi Del Monte, also Galileo’s teacher. Del Monte represented Medici and Tuscan interests in Rome and was also a Neoplatonist, belonging to the Accademia degli Insensati. He directed reform of Caeremoniale Episcoporum church music for the Papal Congregation and was Cardinal Protector of the Capella Sistina Choir. Although he owned many antiquities – likely housing the famous Portland Vase awhile - Del Monte is best known for being Caravaggio’s primary patron.


Byron In Greece Opera
Winter Concert 2005-06

  Following the premiere offering of three arias from Patrick's new opera BYRON IN GREECE, performed in London in late March, 2005, additional arias from this work in progress will be performed in the fall, probably including "Sappho's Song", "Nauplia Serenata", "Mistra in the Morea' and "Byron at Sounion". The libretto and full opera are scheduled for completion in 2006.

This is a tragic opera in three acts taking place in Greece and London between 1823-24 during the Greek fight for independence, when Byron aided the Palikars, independence fighters with personal bravery and his own wealth, having long championed the cause of preserving even Greek antiquities in his earlier epic poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage," and culminating in his fevered death at Missolonghi.

Check back later for time and location.

View small gallery from Byron In Greece

"House of the Muse", reading & book signing

  Patrick Hunt read from his new book House of the Muse: Poems from the British Museum. The poems ranged from grand topics like the incomparable Parthenon Frieze, which helped to inspire Neo-Classicism and Romantic poets, and the Rosetta Stone, which dramatically changed our knowledge of

Egyptian history, to lesser-known themes as exemplified in monuments and artifacts such as Assyrian reliefs from ancient Mesopotamia, Aztec mosaics and tiny but precious Chinese snuff bottles. Inspiration came in many forms as found in reflective moments at the British Museum in London where Patrick Hunt had spent countless hours observing and enjoying the remnants of ancient history.

Poetry Reading and Booksigning!
October 19th, 6 pm

View Example Illustrations from 'House of the Muse'

Continuing Inspiration of Mythology :
Sun Valley Writers' Conference

  -View Patrick's Sun Valley Writers' Conference Bio

-View list of Writers & Participants

Patrick Hunt presented two sessions on the continuing inspiration and impact of mythology and shared some of his own retellings. This conference and event sold out but be sure to visit www.svwc.com to get additional information.

Sun Valley Writers' Conference
Sun Valley, Idaho
August 18-25, 2005
  Alpine archaeology is a specialized field, where normal archaeological principles ...

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  If any global archaeologist were asked to name the top ten archaeological discoveries ...

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  Timeless Greek myths retold as stories are never out of fashion. These familiar tales form a priceless treasure ...

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  The pass is the Great St Bernard Pass at 8200 ft (2472 meters) elevation ...

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  Available Now. Caravaggio, the outlaw, heretic, murderer, and sensualist. Learn more.

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