Patrick's review forthcoming in Comitatus Journal 2016 Volume 47 of Julian Brooks et al. (Getty 2015)



Patrick Hunt's article, "Martin Schongauer: Gothic Vanguard of the Renaissance", (note here "Temptation of Antony" circa 1470), was published in the Netherlands' Kunstpedia / ArtWis, August 2014.

Patrick also lectured to the Stanford University Cantor Center Docents in a Fall 2014 Lecture Series on this theme for the museum's Sympathy for the Devil: Satin, Sin and the Underworld Exhibition.


brill   Patrick's "Irony and Realism in the Iconography of Caravaggio's Penitent Magdalene" is a chapter in an available academic monograph, Mary Magdalene: Iconographic Studies from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, edited by M. Erhardt and A. Morris. Studies in Religion and the Arts. Leiden: E.J. Brill, Fall, 2012   mary


As an Associate at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA, Patrick's review of Martin Kemp's Leonardo (Oxford University Press, 2011 edition) is available in the UCLA journal COMITATUS 43 (2012).


Patrick's 2012 article "The Role of Silenus and Isabella d'Este" and 2012 review "Rembrandt and the Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam" recently in Electrum Magazine are now republished with Kunstpedia in the Netherlands, and Electrum Magazine is also listed as an art source in Kunstpedia.


Patrick's commentaries can be found on two of the 'PBS Art Through Time' series broadcasts, "Dreams and Visions" and "Ceremony and Society", where he was featured on William Blake's "Angel of the Revelation" and on a "Procession from Persepolis" as well as a "Portrait of Louis XIV" by Hyacinthe Rigaud.


William Blake Angel of the Revelation, ca 1803;
Achaemenid, Persepolis Procession of the Tribute Bearers, ca 6th bce


Patrick Hunt presented a paper in Venice, Italy at RSA 2010 VENICE - RENAISSANCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA 56th Annual Meeting, April 7-11. His paper on 'Irony and Realism in Caravaggio's Penitent Magdalen' was given at Università Ca’ Foscari - Palazzo Malcanton-Marcorà.


Patrick teaches at Stanford University (since 1993) and is also currently an Associate at the U.C.L.A. Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Among other venues, he has peer-reviewed publications in the RenaIssance Society of America's RENAISSANCE QUARTERLY (2007 & 2008) as well as several published books including his CARAVAGGIO (London, 2004), REMBRANDT: His Life in Art (2006; 2nd ed. 2007) and RENAISSANCE VISIONS: Myth and Art (2008). Patrick was published on the life and work of the artist Gustav Klimt in Vienna in an encyclopedia entry in 2008 in the series volume, GREAT LIVES IN HISTORY, 2Oth Century. Patrick's article "Missing Miniatures from Priceless Illuminated Manuscripts"was published this past fall in the JOURNAL OF ART CRIME 4 (2010).

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