TEHRAN 2015

Dr. Patrick Hunt was given a commendation in the form of a framed citation from the University of Tehran's College of Engineering 80th Anniversary of its founding. This was for his participation in the release of the documentary and book 5000 Years of Iranian Engineering in a ceremony in Tehran in January. He was a keynote speaker along with professors and archaeologists from the University of Rome and the German Archaeological Institute.

Patrick Hunt was given a citation at a ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey, from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in November 2012 for lectures in Izmir, Ephesus and Istanbul. He lectured on ancient Smyrna, Ephesus, Hagia Sophia, and the Ottoman Empire.
The audience included Ministry of Culture and Brazilian journalists, media and executives for Wish Events Intl.

aia   The 2013-2014 National Lecture Program Committee of the Archaeological Institute of America has again invited Dr. Patrick Hunt to be an AIA National Lecturer. Various AIA societies selected him to speak for the 2012-2013 academic year in venues including Houston's Museum of Natural Science and in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). These locations are or will be posted on the National AIA website. Patrick's current lecture topic is "Otzi the Iceman: Recent Scientific Discoveries."

Patrick is also serving a current term on an AIA national committee.


Patrick is now working with National Geographic Learning / Cengage Learning and their new Media and Textbook Program for a coming series of course textbooks and digital media for educational curriculum in history, archaeology and the sciences. Initial filming took place in June of 2012; added media work will be conducted onsite in the Alps in August, 2012.


The 2009-2012 National Lecture Program Committee of the Archaeological Institute of America invited Dr. Patrick Hunt to be an AIA National Lecturer. Various societies selected him to speak for the 2009-2012 academic years in venues including East and West Coasts (New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, etc.) and these locations were posted on the National AIA website.

Starting in 2011, Patrick is also serving a current term on an AIA national committee.



  Patrick Hunt was a Judge in Non-Fiction for this esteemed prize in 2009-2010 along with Keith Devlin and Fritz Maytag. He has again been named as a Judge in Fiction in 2011-2012, along with Minal Hajaratwala and Elizabeth McKenzie.


Laureate in Literature
from the World Academy of Art, Literature and Media (WAALM)

In a fall 2008 London ceremony, Patrick was awarded the PERSIAN GOLDEN LIONESS 2008 in the form of a gold medal from the World Academy of Art, Literature and Media (WAALM) as a Laureate in Literature. This award recognizes his work in Iranian Studies, including his History Channel contributions to several episodes for the "Engineering an Empire" series, especially "Persia", for which he also did much background research, as well as for his academic publications on ancient Persia, his teaching repeat courses at Stanford on "Art and Archaeology of Persia" and overall cultural diplomacy.

Other awardees include Dr. John Curtis, OBE, British Museum, for his leadership in the blockbuster British Museum 2005 exhibition FORGOTTEN EMPIRE: THE WORLD OF ANCIENT PERSIA and co-authoring the exhibition catalog; also Dr. Richard Davis, Ohio State University, for his three volume translation of the great Persian epic SHAHNAMEH (Book of Kings), along with his other award-winning translations of Persian poets and his own acclaimed poetry; also Dr. Vesta Sarkoush Curtis, British Museum, for her books on Persian mythology and art and archaeology. Among other awardees in academe, film, television, music and journalism, the BBC was also awarded multiple prizes and former WAALM awardees since 2005 include Prof. Richard N. Frye of Harvard University and actress Vanessa Redgrave.

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Previously Featured Awards:

2007-2008 Awarded Expedition Council Grant from National Geographic Society, Washington DC

2005 & 2008 Invited Writer to Sun Valley Writers’ Conference (Presented 2 Breakout Sessions each year – by Invitation)

2005 to 2009 ASCAP - American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers - ASCAP Plus Awards for new Classical music composed and performed

1997 V.I.P. Teaching Award, Stanford University Italian Program, Casa Italiana

1995 U.S. Congress Certificate of Special Recognition [Office of Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman, 14th District]
[for Cultural Services - Archaeology]

1995 California State Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition [Office of Jackie Speier, 19th District)
[for Cultural Services – Archaeology]

1993 Elected to Who’s Who in Biblical Studies and Archaeology (Biblical Archaeology Society, Wash., DC)

1989 Elected Fellow of Royal Geographical Society [FRGS], London, England





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