Archaeology Research Interests: Ancient technology, Geoarchaeology, Hannibal Studies, Archaeological Science, Ancient Medicine, Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environment, as well as Historical Economic Geography of Africa.

Patrick Hunt earned his Ph.D. in Archaeology  (1991) from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, University of London. He has conducted annual fieldwork in the Mediterranean, including North Africa, Europe and the Near East as well as in Central and South America since 1984.

After a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with Professor David Stronach, Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley, from 1992-94, Patrick was the Director of the Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project (1994-2012), a project continuing as the Hannibal Expedition (2013 on), conducting high altitude alpine research. At Stanford he annually teaches regular archaeology courses, specializing in stone research, alpine archaeology, Hannibal studies, ancient environment and paleoclimatology, connections between archaeology and mythology as well as archaeological materials and ancient technology. He also serves as President of the Stanford Society of the Archaeological Insitute of America (since 1995) and has been a National Lecturer 2009-2014 for the Archaeological Institute of America.


In 2012 Patrick was appointed as a Research Associate in Archeoethnobotany by the Institute of Ethnomedicine for his research in ancient pharmacology and history of plants used in antiquity particularly in ancient medicine. He has taught classes at Stanford and elsewhere: "Medicine in the Ancient World", mostly to medical doctors.

In addition to forthcoming books and articles, a small selection of his 100+ scholarly papers and publications include peer-reviewed articles in:

-   Bulletin of Institute of Classical Studies, London (1988) on papyrology research
-   Journal of World Archaeology (1989) on petrographic field laboratories  (with D.R. Griffiths)
-   Newsletter of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (1990) on Piraeus Museum.
-   Papers of the Institute of Archaeology, London (1990) on Inca quarrying
-   Letters of the Quern Study Group, Oxford University (1992) on volcanic stone use.
-   Seventh Mesa Redonda de Palenque (1994) on Maya and Olmec stone weathering in the Seventh Round Table volume
-   Studia Phoenicia XI: Phoenicia and the Bible (1996) on Mt. Saphon in myth & reality (Orientalia Lovanensia Analecta 44)
-   Journal of Roman Archaeology XI (1998) on Roman Alpine archaeology in the Grand St. Bernard Pass
-   Vallesia LIV:  Recherches Archeologiques, Valais Canton (1999) on Roman Alpine sites
-   The Archaeology of Geological Catastrophes (2000) on criteria for Olmec sculpture
-   Journal of the Cantor Center for the Arts, Stanford (2001) on Triptolemos at Eleusis on the Stanford Kleiphon Krater (for Stanford Museum)
-   Acta II: Proceedings of XIIIth Harvard Bronze Congress, JRA Suppl. (2002) on Alpine Votives
-   Encyclopedia of the Ancient World (2002) on the Pantheon in Rome
-   The Ancient World: Great Lives from History (2004) on Gudea, King of Lagash
-   Great Events in History (2004) on Byzantine silk production
-   Magill’s Choice:  Ancient Greece (2006) on history of Greek Mythology
-   Notorious Lives (2007) on the Roman emperor Nero
-   Alpine Archaeology Plan de Barasson fieldwork research cited in Alpis Poenina: Une Voie a Travers l'Europe (2008)
-   "Tracking Hannibal.." APA Podcasting & the Classics (2009)
-   "Locus of Carthage" African Archaeology Review (2009)
-   "Anthropogeomorphology" & "Middle East" 2 entries/ articles in Encyclopedia of Global Warming (2009)
-   "International Law and the Ethics of Antiquities Trafficking" in Stanford Journal of International Relations XI.2 (2010)
-   "Elephants, African" in Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues (2011)
-   "Cote d'Ivoire Toxic Spill 2006" in Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues (2011)
-   "Africa's Great Zimbabwe" in Electrum Magazine (2012)
-   Via Appia", "Rubicon", "Rhone", "Ebro" & "Alps" 5 entries / articles for the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2012)
-   "Review of Cambridge Companion to the Age of Attila" Journal of Military History (January 2015)
-   "Carthage", "Maharbal", "Gaius Claudius Nero", "Scipio Africanus the Elder", "Quintus Fabius Maximus", "Battle of Trasimene", "Battle of the Trebbia River", 8 entries / articles and edits for others including "Hannibal" in Encyclopaedia Britannica (2014)
In addition to longstanding memberships in A.I.A. (Archaeological Institute of America), A.S.O.R. (American Schools of Oriental Research), A.S.C.S.A. (Alumni of the American School of Classical Studies, Athens), P.A.R.I. (Precolumbian Art Research Institute), A.P.A. (American Philological Association), S.M.H. (Society for Military History), among many others, Hunt was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (F.R.G.S.) in London in 1989.

Hunt served as President of the California Classical Association, Northern Section, in 1986-87. He has also received U.S. Congressional commendation (Certificate of Special Recognition) for his archaeological research and teaching.

Recent Selected Posts : E-Journal Articles On Archaeology

  Archaeolog all things archaeological
  Achaemenid Griffin Capital at Persepolis
  Hannibal's Engineers and Livy (XXI.36-7) on Burned Rock - Truth or Legend?
  Alpine Archaeology and Paleopathology: Was Hannibal’s Army also decimated by epidemic while crossing the Alps?
  Hannibal Barca's Theophoric Destiny
  Hannibal or Hasdrubal?: Some Numismatic and Chronometric Considerations for Alpine Archaeology
  Alpine Archaeology: Hannibal Expedition - Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project 2006 Field Report
  Hannibal in the Alps: Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project 1994-2006
  Alpine Roman Roads: Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project
  Alpine Archaeology: Soil Chemistry Theory and pH Testing
  Alpine Archaeology: Stone Sourcing of a Jupiter Temple and Petrographic Provenance
  Roman Spolia at the Medieval Church of Bourg-St-Pierre, Valais CH
  Triptolemos, Hemitheos and Judge at Eleusis and Beyond?
  Some Effects of Altitude and Climate on Alpine Archaeology




Patrick Hunt is Editor-in-Chief of a new electronic magazine launched in December 2010.

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Patrick delivered the Greek Art lecture at Stanford SLE 2009-2014


Patrick's Hannibal research was featured in ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine's Jan/Feb. 2007 winter issue in an article titled, "Hiking with
Hannibal". The issue is available on the newsstand, in libraries or through request to ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine, published six times a year by the Archaeological Institute of America.

***Patrick has also been Director of the Hannibal Expedition 2007-2008, sponsored by the National Geographic Society

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