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Patrick Hunt, Stanford University
Archaeologist, artist, poet, musician...

Sun Valley Writers Conferences (2)

August 19-22, 2005 & August, 22-25, 2008
Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Archaeological Institute of America
The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) is North America's oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology with more than 8,000 members belonging to 101 societies in the United States, Canada, and overseas, united by a shared passion for archaeology and its role in furthering human knowledge.

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Patrick Hunt teaches Classical Archaeology and Humanities at Stanford University, California. He is also a published poet, classical music composer, and illustrator, having just completed the illustrations for Richard Martin’s Myth of the Ancient Greeks.

Egyptian Genius: Stoneworking for Eternity
Dr. Patrick Hunt, Lecturer in Humanities at Stanford University, was the speaker for the January meeting. Dr. Hunt, who holds a Ph.D. from the Institute of Archaeology at the University of London, specializes in stone research. His lecture was entitled, Egyptian Genius: Stone Working for Eternity.

Cultural Heritage Imaging

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) drives development and adoption of practical digital imaging and preservation solutions for people passionate about saving humanity's treasures today, before they are lost.

Switzerland 2005: Expedition to the Alps
Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) co-founders Mark Mudge and Carla Schroer, and CHI's imaging director Marlin Lum, adapted Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) technology to document artifacts spanning millennia of human history from three awesome archaeological collections in Switzerland.

myth   "Myth and Art in Ekphrasis" ... Whether ancient or modern in its applications, Ekphrasis is an ancient Greek word that essentially has to do with ...

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art_xmas   The lavishly illustrated Puer Natus Est ("A Boy Child is Born" in Latin): Art of Christmas celebrates almost two ...

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  Available Now. Caravaggio, the outlaw, heretic, murderer, and sensualist. Learn more.

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