Patrick's music training

As a composer, Patrick studied music theory and applied music in his undergrad days (although his degrees were in other subjects). After some conservatory training he studied privately with Clara (Titelbaum) Dayton. In the late 1920's Clara was at Juilliard in New York as an adolescent, where she studied with the maestro Alexander Siloti. Siloti is pictured here with his teacher Franz Liszt, with whom Siloti studied and worked circa 1883-86 in Weimar during the time when this well-known photo was taken. Siloti also studied at Moscow Conservatory where he later taught before emigrating to the US. Siloti's most famous pupil in Russia was Sergei Rachmaninoff. Siloti gave this personal autographed photo of Liszt and himself - datable to around 1886 - to his piano student Clara in 1929 in New York, as dated on the photo. The other photo is of Clara (Titelbaum) Dayton in her youth. 

Alexander Siloti was also a harmony student of Tchaikovsky. Siloti's teacher Franz Liszt was a student of Carl Czerny, Czerny a student of Ludwig van Beethoven, Beethoven a student of Franz Joseph Haydn and Christian Neefe, Neefe a student of Johann Hiller, Hiller a student of Gottfried Humilius, Humilius a student of J.S. Bach.

Left: Siloti and Liszt, circa 1880's, right: Clara Titelbaum Dayton

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